Winery Marketing, People & Culture, Operations Consulting

We work with wineries to refine their customer experience and drive sales.

The wine industry is diverse and complex. The marketing, culture, and workflow challenges that you face are always changing in the fact paced industry.

Capturing the attention of customers at the right time means that you differentiate your brand and provide a great experience. When a customer starts their customer journey at your winery, they often begin through discovering your brand, and that may take them to your tasting room. They are looking for education and friendly staff that will guide them through their wine journey. Whether they are beginning their wine tasting journey or have a well developed palate, your team will be the most important guide in their experience.  When you create life-long and loyal customers that share their excitement of the brand and product, you create opportunities for referral and higher margin sales. And with a customer journey that includes the right mix of marketing, people and workflow, you are able to achieve your vision and further develop your craft.

The Customer Journey at your winery Starts now.

Marketing, People, Workflow influence the customer's experience and journey.

We work with wineries, AVAs and companies in the wine industry to develop a strong customer experience through marketing, people and culture, workflow and processes, and understanding industry trends.

Winery Marketing Strategy

Off Road works with wineries to develop their brand, increase sales and create a customer experience that allows them to stand out in their market locally, while successfully selling nationwide. We believe that the customer journey and experience is critical to driving sales and digital marketing is a key ingredient to successfully scaling a winery business.

Our consulting and digital marketing agency for the wine industry combines experience and passion for a quickly changing industry. We work with small boutique wineries and large national winery businesses that need to create conversion focused websites, engage with their consumers and build a brand.


Just like the chemistry of your wine changes quickly, so does the technical and on page optimization strategies that it takes to rank well in Google and drive new customers to your business.

Every campaign begins with foundational elements where we will perform an audit of your existing website and establish a list of keywords that are the best to target in order to bring in new customers.  Our audit includes technical functions such as looking at 301 redirects, Meta Data, Google Analytics Integration, Website organization etc.  The second part of our audit looks at on-page optimization of your winery website. The important elements that we evaluate include content effectiveness, internal linking, content organization with respect to on-page content, image & video optimization, etc. These parts of your website share the brand that your customers will experience.

Local optimization for your winery is important – especially as voice search continues to grow,.  When a visitor is looking for the next winery to visit on an afternoon, we help you be front-and-center in their search results. We also work with you to build out a strong Google Local Business listing so that you take up more space in a search result, drawing more attention to your winery.

Understanding how your website visitors interact with your brand helps you refine the customer’s experience and build new opportunities for their stories to be shared. Google Analytics set up is an important part of our audit process, we help you understand if your winery is receiving traffic from the right geographic areas and the right digital marketing channels.


Social media marketing for wineries has become an important part of the customer experience, especially once they fall in love with your wine and brand.    We develop strategies to improve the daily management of social media for your winery so that your results are focused on results, not just Likes. Facebook tends to be one of the best places for marketing a winery on social media platforms, along with Instagram and Pinterest.  All platforms offer their own advantages but being present where your customers are active is key.  We help you find out where your customers are and how to interact with them better.

A social media audit of your winery’s presence and assets is where we start. Then we work with you to create a strategy that fits your goals – if you want to grow your brand, grow your tasting room and winery visitor traffic, grow your DTC sales, wholesale sales, or gain wine club members – we will develop a strategy for each area as the customer discovers various ways to interact with your winery.

Creating an editorial calendar for your winery is important as it establishes a cadence that your audience will come to expect.  We will work with you to create a calendar that will be used across multiple channels including social media, email marketing, website content, ensuring that your customer has the opportunity to interact and explore the brand.

Finding influencers that will eventually become brand loyalists is an excellent way to organically grow your social media presence – but sometimes you need a little push to get started – and we know how to get your story and winery in front of the right people.


Wineries are driving more foot traffic and Direct To Consumer Sales by utilizing Google Adwords.  Pay Per Click (PPC) is an excellent way to augment and add to your marketing strategy when you need an immediate impact with positive sales growth. The advantage of PPC marketing for wineries is that when consumers are searching – you’re in front of them at the right time.   Often a daily budget won’t be exhausted in the off season, and even in the shoulder season you may need to look for new ways to reach customers.  During your busy season you may see more searches being performed by consumers and a more competitive landscape in Google Adwords.  We help wineries navigate through managing their PPC Budget effectively.

We create campaigns from scratch, take over existing Adwords campaigns, integrate with social media platforms, create campaigns that target searches and visitors reading articles through the content network.  We establish strong ad copy that drives better click-throughs and visitors deeper into a website, straight to the content they are most interested in reading or converting into a newsletter sign up. We optimize landing pages for wineries that will provide a better user experience and conversion.  We create enhanced Adwords campaigns with extensions. We create and manage Remarketing for wineries that integrates with Facebook, email marketing, and Adwords.


An email marketing program is one of the most cost effective and highest ROI producing activities that a winery can use to interact with existing customers or develop relationships with future wine club members.

Understanding how consumers interact with your brand and what they expect from a company that sends an email is important.  Today, consumers that give you their email address expect a very targeted message and offering.  If you can deliver on their expectations, you will have great open rates, increased click through rates and an exceptional return on investment for your winery.

We are well versed in many different email platforms including MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, HubSpot, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Pardot, Emma, Campaigner, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Drip, and Wix.

We believe in using email as a tool to activate customers, communicate with them more effectively, reactivate previous customers, and expand current customers. Direct To Consumer digital marketing must include an email marketing strategy and we work with you to create one that returns a positive ROI and leaves a lasting impression with your customers.


We work with wineries to create websites that showcase experience that customers will feel when they walk into your tasting room and take the first sip during their tasting.

With decades  of website development experience, we know how to tell the right story to the right person in creative ways.  We work with any platform that you’re currently with or can recommend a platform that will work with your redesign project – we love WordPress, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Magento, and many more!

Staying up to date on the latest SEO strategies allows us to build websites that will last a long time and can easily be updated as new technologies and requirements become needed in order to connect with customers better and drive sales.

Responsive websites are a requirement and we ensure that your website has the different features and design elements to look great on any device.

Ecommerce Integration is important for a winery owner or tasting room manager.  We’ll work with you to determine your ecommerce needs and find the right solution that fits your time and budget.

Features include website content, email integration, events management, video, photos gallery, news and recipes content, blog section, contact forms, social media integration and promotion, and many other important design elements.

People & Culture For Wineries

Your brand depends on strong leadership, employee engagement and effective communication within your winery.  Off Road works with wineries to develop a strong organizational culture through leadership training, coaching for better communication, and strategies to create vibrant employee relations within your company.

Wineries have seasonal staff and that’s a big deal when you look at how to ensure that your team is motivated, educated and compensated so that they emanate the energy that your wine brand represents.  When we work with wineries we often help improve the workplace culture, increase employee recognition, reduce employee turnover, and ultimately empower the winery owner to spend more time doing the things they love - their craft.


Off Road will work with your team to map the full customer experience from first impression to becoming loyal wine club members.  This process identifies touch points across all channels and mediums. We will assign metrics to monitor the success of each interaction leading to repeat sales. Throughout our engagement we will track and audit these metrics and address any resistance in the customer experience. Some of the tools we employ to affect resistance sustainably on and offline are (but not limited to): Values Exercises, Targeted Brand Content, Sales and Customer Service Team Training/Coaching (including prospecting strategies for DTC retail/wholesale).

Values Development – For any business, but especially for a winery, the values are the root/foundation of company, and everything stems from values. Without a good understanding of values, communication and processes break down. We work with you to create a shared language around values for your winery.

Vision Development – When your winery has a strong vision, it is the destination for the company and it gives owners and employees a path to where the company is going. Solve these common problems by developing a strong vision: leadership team consistently at odds with employees and employees not sure where to go next or what resources to put into the winery business.



Building a team of happy employees often starts with effective communication in the workplace.  We know that your team is diverse and that they are customer focused - we work with you in the area of employee development to ensure that your employees are always feel like they are valued.  Customer service training for your winery is critical, as your team members are often the first experience that a customer has, whether it’s at a tasting room or in the vineyard. Communication skills training for you and your team improves your team’s happiness and builds opportunities for them to problem solve and be more autonomous.

When we work with wineries like yours we often conduct regular training and development sessions with you and your team. But the leadership starts with you, and our goal is to empower you and your key employees to advocate for what they need and have the tools to build a great team of dedicated employees.

Current People Assessment – We utilize the values for your business and define where each employee aligns. This helps a business owner determine capacity and their ability to fulfill on the company’s vision.  We solve common problems that wineries have including: capacity issues, low morale, ability to perform the tasks needed by the company, employee growth planning and ongoing employee review issues.

Accountability Chart – The employees within your wine industry business need to know who is holding whom accountable - this isn't about hierarchy, but rather about how information flows.  Understand the answer to questions like “How do I get more work done efficiently at my vineyard?” Learn about how to solve common problems like: people reporting to more than 1 person, employees that are not sure who has priority within a joint ownership partnership, issues around operational vs. managerial accountability.


The ability to lead your team speaks volumes about your communication style. In a fast paced and seasonable business, understanding gaps in the skills of your team members and being able to plan for seasonal employment is critical. We work with you and your winery business in these ways to improve leadership and operational efficiency:

Gap Awareness – Find out whether gaps exist in the winery’s business structure and fill them to be more efficient. We help you determine if the company’s structure needs to change in order to fill gaps.  We solve common winery operations problems such as: not having someone responsible for a task that is becoming a bigger part of business, several people say “it’s not my job”, things are taking longer than you might think consistently and employees are doing things that you’re not accounting for in the process.

HR Systems - Your people are the lifeblood of your winery. We work with you to build strong processes around hiring, employee accountability, payroll, employee lifecycle development, benefits, staff management, promotion and disciplinary documentation, employee training, employee reviews, and accountability for employees. We help you tackle areas like: employee expectations of work and time off, seasonality of work, operations and workflow expectations for employees at all times.

HR Planning Hiring & Transition Plan – Is your winery planning an expansion? Is your winery family owned and a new generation is ready to take the reigns? Where is the business now regarding people (who is needed and what positions need to be filled)? Do you have strong benchmarks for employee growth and timelines for on-boarding and hiring new employees? We work with wineries to develop better HR plans, transit and succession plans.

Job Description Development – We work with you to develop job descriptions and ensure that current and new employees know their role within the winery’s business structure. This helps reduce uncertainty and increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

Leadership Assessment / Coaching – Are you transitioning from a Founder to a CEO role?  We recognize that shifting your leadership position is important but it can lead to new challenges.  We work with you to understand the difference between leaders and managers. Create better tools of language that helps you build expectations for employees, retain employees, and develop your team members. Win at the problem solving process based on new company values and vision.

Winery Operations Consulting

Your wine business is very complex with plenty of moving parts and things need to be timed just right in order to create an incredible customer experience.  Each company has different product workflow and needs to increase margins and improve efficiency.  The phase that your business is in can dictate how well defined your workflow and processes are - we work with you to find gaps and create efficient processes to grow and thrive.

We create a better understanding for you of how your business is currently operating and then will create the documentation and implement processes for a repeatable workflow that makes sense for your winery business.  In doing so, we create opportunities for expansion of your business, where you may open other locations, increase the geography of your sales, and add new products or events to your business model.


Communication processes - Communication is one of the most important factors in efficiency. Its easy for us to think of communication as the things we say to one another, but communication in an effective workflow often looks like procedures that reduce the need to explicit communication.  During an engagement with Off Road, we work with you to develop better communication styles and tools within your company, especially around how things get done.

Metrics – We’ve heard it a thousand times. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” While that doesn’t apply to all things manageable, companies often miss out on opportunities to have a better understanding of their business metrics. Dollars and counting are two ways to develop metrics, but applying metrics to intangible areas of your business will drive a considerable return on investment of time and money. Off Road can help you define the metrics in productivity and operations that will bring clarity of progress at various levels of product, people and company-wide.

Growth plan – So working through the Gap Awareness exercise post-visioning, you have identified the space between where you are now and where you want to be. Now is the time when Off Road can work with you to map out the route between here and there. We build upon the vision for your winery to create a values-aligned plan to support your growth goals. Get answers to questions like: What would be a logical new product line? Who do we need to add to our team to implement on these activities? What is the state of the market in the future?

Strategic Planning For Wineries

Business Intelligence

Your winery thrives when you have data and information to back up your decisions affecting your customer’s journey and keeps them coming back. Off Road works with you to strategically plan, benchmark, assess, and improve the systems of your company.  Financial metrics are the ultimate picture of the health of a business. Your sales and finance health fuel the business. The business intelligence available through financial awareness can steer you in the direction of right pricing, profitable margins and fueling growth. We work with winery and vineyard owners that want to be more active in their financial health.


Let’s work together to give your winery business the clear metrics it needs to be stable and sustainable. Off Road works with clients in the following areas.

  • Operational Review & Strategic Planning
  • Benchmarking and Assessing Performance
  • Brand Management & Competitive Analysis
  • Improving Wine Quality and Planning Production Volume
  • Systems Assessment and Integration
  • Sustainable Business Improvements
  • Production Costs and Inventory Management
  • Marketing Strategies & Initiatives
  • Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Set up a time with us to talk about the areas that you need more visibility into your winery business. We will look at your current place in the market and help you prepare for where you want to be in the future.


We create life-long customers for your winery through smart business strategy and compelling marketing campaigns.


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