equal exchange of value

is building relationships with clients, team members, and our community based on reciprocate contributions.

As Leaders in our Community we practice Equal Exchange of Value by:

  • Creating measurable ways to evaluate contribution
  • Be vocal and listen when there is a disturbance in the force
  • Keep a pulse on the market and align our value to customers, team & community


is achieved through maintaining an environment where it is safe to trust through transparency and nimble action.

As Leaders in our Community we practice Integrity by:

  • Acting in accordance with our words
  • Maintain a culture of trust through pulling back the curtain
  • Trust, then verify
  • Be a ♥ partner


is recognizing the impact we have on the people we work with. We choose passion and demonstrate care.

As Leaders in our Community we practice Love by:

  • Striving to know our employees, team, partners in a meaningful and personal way
  • Having empathy for all people and looking for opportunities
  • Making people feel seen
  • Cheerleading and helping people achieve their goals/providing opportunities

Front Edge Operation

is building on the strength of collective knowledge and experience to blaze new trails to a better future.

As Leaders in our Community we practice Front Edge Operation by:

  • Seeking learning and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Always having a pulse on the current reality and imagining what is beyond that reality
  • Applying principles of mastery

High Design

is achieving beauty through intentional simplicity applied to people, product & process.

As Leaders in our Community we practice High Design by:

  • Providing the tools to ensure high standards and expectations can be met
  • Ensuring that our product is easily understood by its audience

Taking pride in our work and finishing things completely