Answering Increased Demand with a stronger workforce and culture

Client Story


A craft tea company triples its workforce to answer increased customer demand

While remaining profitable and preparing for future growth.

Plum Deluxe was conceived at a kitchen table, as many startups are, and has grown into a fully functional production facility, expanding its team from 2.5 employees to 6 within 6 months. As the company increased sales, they faced challenges with hiring the right people in the right places, and expanding the production workflow and processes in a cost effective way.

“Moving to the CEO role means hiring people better than you in every role.”

Dreaming big, the owner Andy Hayes began looking at his business through a new lens.  Off Road worked with Andy in 3 critical areas of his business: 

Refining and emphasizing the values and vision of the company. Including establishing a current set of values and practices for the company promote a strong culture that embodies the mission of the business.

Clearly defining the positions and responsibilities needed to support the demands of the business as sales continue to grow and hiring key individuals continues.

Developing communication practices that created an atmosphere that embodied a growth mindset and strategic problem solving.

Kicking off our process with Andy, we looked at the customer journey as a way to guide the needs of the business through its growth phase.  Working with the Plum Deluxe team, we conducted the Values Exercise, an important way to define the values of the company and establish a guiding post for the team members in their daily activities.  Off Road facilitated a training session with the team as a way to engage them and include them in the planning and objectives for the company. Once the team was aligned, we worked with Plum Deluxe to streamline the business systems being used to onboard and train new staff.


“Leading your own team is different than leading a team in someone else’s company”


Entrepreneurs often have experience in other businesses where they have developed leadership skills that can translate to their new business venture.  Implementing those skills can often be different in a new environment – Off Road works with founders to map out areas that they excel at and determine gaps that need to be filled.  Working with Andy, we provided the framework that he needed to begin stepping in to a new style of leadership that has allowed him to empower his staff to grow in a way that supports the individual, team and company as a whole.


Transitioning into his new leadership style, Andy has become a stronger leader, seeing issues before they arise and solving problems more effectively.  The team knows exactly where the company’s values drive the success of the business. A clear vision for the future exists for Andy, and the systems to grow the business have been developed. Key areas of growth for the company include increased employee autonomy, clear checks and balances, the ability to recover from challenges quicker, and the ability to see opportunities for systematic improvements.


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