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Building Workflow into Design, Precision, and Detail

SF Metalworks was facing increased production costs, increasing labor costs and was determined to make capital investment and change location of their production facility.

SF Metalworks brings the function of science and form together, through an analytical mind and the artistic creativity of the founder, Ron Moore. Ron’s rare combination of expertise, technical precision and artistry not only informs the work SF Metalworks produces, but the people who work there. The process that SF Metalworks follows sets the company apart from other fabricators, placing an emphasis on the customer experience from start to finish.

"The company’s systems and hiring workflow was driving employees that were not efficient and yielded higher turnover."

To bring on capital, SF Metalworks worked with Off Road to find new strategies that would increase capacity, reduce costs, and determine better workflow and production.


We looked at all sources of capital infusion including investment, bank loans, and personal loans. For the immediate capital investment and production move, we determined changes that needed to be made that would make the company more attractive for investment. To achieve better employee and workflow, we conducted a hiring process that looked outside of the expensive San Francisco Market, and implemented a repeatable hiring process, allowing the owner to be free to create more value in the business.

Creating a new product line drove new investment for SF Metalworks. A key component of working with Off Road was determining the metrics, people structure & practices that are required for scale.


$150,000 Low Interest Non-Collateralized Loan Secured

Reduction in A/P By $300k - Reducing clerical errors & book keeping

Production Hours Reduced - Reduction in employee carrying cost

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