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The USRA is the US Olympic Committee recognized national governing body for the sport of racquetball. Facing the need to introduce more young players to the sport of racquetball, we applied for a Google Grant. This was part of a sports marketing plan that meant we could utilize Google Adwords as a way to bring more attention to the sport.

We created a strategy that captured traffic directly related to the sport of racquetball and it’s a plan that could be applied as one of many strong marketing strategies for sports teams. The plan included keyword searches for rules, how to play, and other technical information. Expanding beyond the sport, we created a campaign that targeted keywords such as High School Sports, Weight Loss, Fitness, etc.

By using these 2 strategies we were able to bring an additional 24% more visitors to the website in the first year of utilizing the Google Grants campaign. We continue to refine the campaign as search topics and fitness trends change.

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