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Franchisee Lead Generation Campaign

Bad Ass Coffee is a craft coffee business originally founded in Maui, Hawaii, they are known for their creative marketing and branding and hired us to help create interest and gain leads for new franchise locations around the United States. Starting in Texas, we created a Facebook leads campaign to target higher income, qualified investors or higher network individuals. Using this strategy, we captured leads at an original cost of $23 per lead. Over a few months we were successfully able to refine this Facebook leads campaign and drop the cost per lead to about $8.

In conjunction with an AdWords campaign, we also used a remarketing campaign to bring customers back to the franchisee information page and capture additional leads. An SEO campaign for the coffee franchise was also launched and in conjunction with blog posts, we were able to add 20% more visitors to the website using this strategy within a 6 month time frame.

Digital Marketing Services & Strategies

Market Research

We researched the best area of the country to capture leads for an expanding coffee business franchise.

Landing Page Design

We created custom landing pages for potential leads to fill out information that would qualify them.

Content Creation

We created custom content around the coffee industry that would help draw potential investors and franchisees to the website.

Social Media Advertising

We created a social media advertising lead generation campaign that targeted higher network individuals in a specific market.

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