SEO Strategy For Hiring Candidates in the Transportation Industry

Client Story

Transportation Industry SEO Strategy

We worked with Nussbaum Transportation to create an SEO strategy to capture job leads and qualified applications within the trucking and transportation industry. To achieve this goal we completed keyword research and audience intelligence to determine which factors would lead to qualified leads based on the keywords that people might be searching.

Upon launch of their new site, Nussbaum Transportation saw a 36% increase in qualified leads coming through their career portal compared to the previous website version.

Digital Marketing Services & Strategies

Market Research

Keyword research into the keywords that candidates were likely going to be searching.

Landing Page Testing

We tested several different landing pages to determine which would capture leads most effectively.

Content Creation

We created unique content for the client so that they would stand out in search results.

Ongoing Ideas

We provided unique ideas to keep the client's content ranking longer-term.

Put our digital marketing expertise to work for your business.

Transporation Industry Hiring Trends

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Capture the Attention of the Next Generation of workers in the Transportation Industry

During the past few years we have worked with several trucking industry companies to help them find qualified employees in the quickly evolving market.

As regulations have changed in the past years, the importance in finding trustworthy and safe truck drivers as increased by magnitudes.  Working with trucking companies to find top driver and logistic talent, we have found the following workplace conditions that resonate well with potential employees.

The younger generation values different aspects of being a truck driver – they value free time, flexibility and the ability to choose their own schedule.  All of these aspects create a challenging employee management scenario for scheduling drivers, but it’s a reality that has be to addressed by employers if they are to remain competitive.

Unique benefits are starting to show up on the list of things that companies are offering.  We have seen financial incentives for safety on the rise, which is becoming commonplace, but we also see paid vacation incentives, mileage multipliers and other gamification strategies being employed to capture the imaginations of millennials.

Diversity in work is important – younger drivers want different routes, they value a different schedule and perhaps destinations that are unique and sharable.  If your company works with exciting customers in exciting places, this is something that you will want to highlight in your hiring processes.

Overall, we see many new things that the younger generation is valuing in the transpiration and logistics industry such as diversity, flexibility, and gamification.

Capture the attention of the next generation by thinking outside of the box.

We can help you craft a story that helps you hire and retain top talent in the transportation industry.

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