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Sybaris is a local restaurant located in Albany, Oregon that needed a website refresh and content organization strategy as part of that process. We worked with this local restaurant on an SEO strategy that categorized their markets into 3 segments. 

First the most local market area – those people that would be interested in a local restaurant for lunch or dinner and wouldn’t have to plan to dine at Sybaris.  These are people that would not have to drive more than 15 minutes and the Google local and website local SEO strategy was most critical to drive these visitors to the business. 

Second, the market for a planned night out visitor included those people that would drive up to 30 minutes to visit the restaurant – perhaps it’s a special event or a holiday that drives those visitors and we created local restaurant content around these topics.  Third, the market that was tied the Oregon State University visitor – only about 30 minutes away, Oregon State University consistently drives visitors year around for sporting events. We created a content strategy that targeted those visitors and presented Sybaris as a potential pre-game or post-game restaurant.

Local google impressions increased 230% over the first 3 months of the campaign.  SEO driven traffic in our 1st and 2nd market areas increased from a few hundred visitors in a year to over 1,500 visitors in 1 year.  3rd market area drive an additional 30% more traffic to the site and delivered several important group bookings.

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