SEO Strategy For CBD Oil and Cannabis Products Company

Client Story

CBD Oil SEO Strategy

Tula Botanicals was a new brand launching a brand-new website within the highly competitive CBD Oil industry. A carefully crafted SEO campaign for Tula Botanicals was created where we tackled the medical and non-medical benefits of CBD oil, while being careful to address any FDA regulatory concerns regarding medical claims.

Upon launch of their new website, Tula Botanicals began selling product with a strong SEO strategy centered on the symptoms of medical issues and the benefits of CBD oil as a way to relieve or help improve symptoms.

Digital Marketing Services & Strategies

Market Research

Research into the keywords that consumers were likely going to search for before the buy CBD Oil.


Landing Page Testing

We tested several different landing pages to determine which would capture sales most effectively.


Content Creation

We created ecommerce content for the client so that they would stand out in search results.


Ongoing Ideas

We provided unique ideas to keep the client's content ranking longer-term.

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