Mapping the Journey

The Off Road team works with you to get to know your customer and all the milestones they move through to being a repeat customer. In this beginning phase we dig deep to determine success metrics at each milestone. This is the beginning of assessing and addressing customer engagement with your product and service.

This phase is the jumping off point to full market alignment that you can address yourself in your company or work with Off Road to dial in all the milestones more quickly than most have the capacity to do themselves.

Audits & Quick Wins

Now that we know the milestones that customers touch along their path to loyalty, we dig deep into each one and assess where your company is now compared to what it will take to keep your customers’ attention.

Off Road will audit your website and social channels for brand alignment and optimization and use secret shoppers to assess an in-store experience. Each experience will be compiled in a top-to-bottom audit, a starting place to show us where we need to focus and prioritize our work together.

Often there are things we come across in this phase that can be adjusted with minimal effort that will allow for a quick win, Off Road keeps our eye out for these and will implement them (with approval) as we go.


Campaign Assembly

We call each of our initiatives for improve customer experience a campaign.

In this phase we efficiently set-up each campaign and get ready to launch each one at the optimal time.

These might be digital marketing campaigns to grow your audience or culture campaigns that impact employee engagement and ultimately the customer service experience.


Each campaign you build with Off Road will launch at the right time for best results. Pressing the “go” button is when the real fun begins.

With each campaign launch, metric tracking reporting begins allowing us maximum productivity in our next and final phase.


Tracking & Adjustments

Each month Off Road will provide you a report on each of the prioritized customer metrics.

Based on that information we will work with you to continually move each metric in the positive direction.  We will work with you training employees and A/B testing digital channels until you have the capacity to take on the process yourself.

Mission accomplished!

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