Off Road

#FlipTheSwitch LIVE from Africa



First we trekked through Latin America during the “dry season” and got soaked to the bone. (No, no climate change. Nothing to worry about…) We visited three countries and filmed a new episode of #FlipTheSwitch live every day for 10 days.


At one point we thought we might have killed the crew


But even though it was hard, it’s the hard that makes it great. So we’re not finished yet. The movement continues with #BonusEpisodes from the great continent of Africa.

If you missed the first ones, don’t worry you can catch up. Each is only a minute long– click here to watch em all— and cover great topics like empowering women, sustainable energy, trash and climate change as our film crew captures the story for an upcoming documentary about our client Barefoot College.


But like all great entrepreneurs, we learn from our mistakes. So don’t miss them again. Click here to subscribe.


And why are we trekking around the world, camera’s in hand? Because that’s where the story of amazing change and women’s empowerment is taking place, far off road, in tiny villages of the ultra poor where amazing solutions for economic uplift and sustainable energy are taking root.


We journey with leaders driving change. This a story that needs to be told. So we’re there. Telling it.


And you can too. Watch, share, like, repost. Let the world know what amazing women are doing to make the world a better place for all.

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