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Consumer Goods Marketing & Product Consulting

We work with innovative consumer products companies.

We help you expand sales, create processes to improve efficiency and scale by focusing on the customer journey.

The desire to know the next steps for your business and have a solid roadmap that points to growth and expansion means that understanding your customer’s journey is critical. As your business scales, you don’t want to falter, hire the wrong people, invest in the wrong marketing channels, or develop inefficient processes. Off Road works with business owners to transition from Founder to CEO, bringing to the forefront important conversation around efficient scaling, financially sound planning, next phase strategies, and ways to ensure that your brand’s mission is accomplished.

The customer’s journey starts with their first touch-point, which may be a search in Google or marketing messaging that they see in a social media channel. They may also receive a recommendation from a friend or walk into your store. 

The people that your customer interacts with, the brand messaging they see, the feeling they get when then think about your product, and the delivery of the product to the customer create the customer experience.

It’s magical when it comes together. We work magic.


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