Conduct a RAID On Your B2B Market!

Remember the old commercial, where the bugs are having a party until the big red can shows up?


they all shout, scattering before the lethal force of the advertised product.

Now, I’m not suggesting that your competitors are insects to be exterminated! Not at all. However, there is something to be said for the power of an all-out assault on your target business-to-business market.

Here’s how to conduct a customer-friendly, take-no-prisoners RAID that crushes the competition, positioning your company as the industry leader in your market.


Surprisingly, an effective RAID starts with taking a step back. First of all, you need a better understanding of your customer. No matter how well you think you know who she is and what he wants, you will benefit from taking a fresh look at what your customers/clients need today.

Often, when we take a closer look at the customer experience, we learn that what we think they want and need is different from actual needs.

Regrouping allows you to shift your perspective. When you become 100% customer-focused, you seek to understand their journey with your product and your company.


One mistake we can make is to accept stated needs as the real need. Sometimes, even the client doesn’t know exactly what they need to move forward. That’s where you come in… your expertise at uncovering needs and providing solutions will stand you out from the competitive crowd.

Look at your current approaches, and evaluate everything you are doing through the customer-centric lens. What opportunities are you missing? Which business assets — yours, or the client’s — are being overlooked?

How can your product or service improve their results in sales, marketing, customer service, operations, management?


“The way we’ve always done it” won’t work any more.

With all the talk about the “new economy,” most businesses are still doing the same old same old. When you innovate your business processes, you create a model that can be shared with customers and clients.

In today’s market, your customers need new strategies and new forms of value delivery. How can you create breakthrough business solutions that address client needs in innovative ways?


Market leadership today belongs to those who not only innovate, but who bring these new models to existing channels, blowing away the two-steps-behind competition.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb exploded onto the business scene by disrupting outdated business models. When you cultivate a disruptive mindset, you start seeing opportunities where others see business as usual. 

Marketing genius Jay Abraham describes such new possibilities as “hiding in plain sight.” Identifying and acting on these market openings — both for your own business and on behalf of your customers — can catapult you past your competition.

Your Customer Journey Sets Up the RAID

This process can’t unfold until you invest the time and energy needed to gain the insights required to serve your customers’ most pressing needs.

At Off Road, we have developed a process for discovering who your best customers are, and what really makes them tick. Above all, we pinpoint the touchpoints along the way, showing you how to take each individual you do business with from first contact to raving loyal fan.

Getting inside the heads of your customers gives you the tools to assess their real needs, innovate effective solutions, and disrupt existing markets. Delivering this kind of benefit will skyrocket your business by helping your clients to new levels of success.

Find out more about Off Road’s Customer Journey.

Scott Fish

Scott Fish is the CMO at Off Road, responsible for the business development team and managing the marketing delivery and client management team. During the past two decades, he has worked with growing companies around the world in evolving industries such as tourism, franchises, hotels, sports associations and cultural organizations. Scott is a founding board member of SEMpdx, the largest regionally focused digital marketing organization in the US. He creates strategies to drive more business and connect better with their customers.