Are Hashtags on Facebook Dead? Discover How Hashtags on Facebook Work

Last month, we reflected on our social reach and how many people engaged with a client’s content. In an effort to make Facebook posts look cleaner, we decided to stop using hashtags on Facebook for the entire month of June. During our reflection of monthly progress, we found that our reach actually decreased about 50% from the previous month. We began to notice a correlation in the amount of traffic some of the posts saw – they all had hashtags. From the data that we saw, we made adjustments in how we are using hashtags – below are our recommendations for how to use hashtags in your Facebook posts.

Is it true that I just need to use hashtags and my engagement will increase?

Not exactly. We have to intentionally use them specifically for a purpose and be selective with our usage of hashtags. We recommend a limit of 1-2 words. Using more than this amount and you run the risk of your hashtags taking away from the context of your post, which can actually cause you to lose reach. The best etiquette to follow is to choose a couple relevant hashtags to use and play them at the end of the post. This will catalog your post without the hashtag element pulling away from what you are trying to communicate.

How can I use hashtags better for my business?

Try it out! Hashtags bring life to the post as they show up as hyperlinks. Throughout the course of the month, engagement will naturally rise/decline depending on who is active and when. Some posts will resonate more emotionally with your audience, other posts might be great but were posted when the timing wasn’t. The hashtag is not to be used so much as a secret weapon, but more as a final topping addition. It won’t be very effective if you are disconnected from the heart of your content and the interests of your followers. If you are adding in a vague keyword for the sake of boosting your posts, that is a telling sign that you may need to write better content.

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Johnny Bolden

Johnny Bolden is a Marketing Associate Off Road. Johnny attended Portland State University studying Business & Communications and comes to Off Road with experience in video production and web development. He is very excited to be gaining hands on knowledge to the things he is studying and interacting with many of our clients through our work together.