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Movie night: Networking of another era

Remember movie night at the local Drive-In? Those of us of a certain age recall climbing into the backseat and watching the movie on a large screen with our parents. Everyone from the town was there and people would walk to the snack stand and meet friends. People would come together. A movie night was…

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#FlipTheSwitch LIVE from Africa

    First we trekked through Latin America during the “dry season” and got soaked to the bone. (No, no climate change. Nothing to worry about…) We visited three countries and filmed a new episode of #FlipTheSwitch live every day for 10 days.   At one point we thought we might have killed the crew…

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Branding trust or fear: a case study

My Off Road partner Scot and I had just returned from an incredible trip to Guatemala for our client, Barefoot College. This required flights from California to Mexico to Guatemala back to Mexico and finally, back to California. I then continued on to Portland, Oregon. Each of those international flights and subsequent customs experiences was…

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