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The evolution of our world, depends on the growth and success of impact-driven companies.

Not one solution brought to “scale,” but a way of doing business that builds culture, profits and impact that makes a lasting difference.

You are the visionary. We are your experienced pit crew as you go off road.


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We exist to help you thrive with greater impact, lower overhead and optimal speed.


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Make no little plans, because they have no magic to stir man’s blood…Make big plans. Aim high in hope and work. Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty. —

Daniel Burnham,
Chicago City Planner, 1907


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Build teams to move together



Beautiful brands and communications


Customize comprehensive strategy


Maximize profits through efficiency


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The Crew

We have pulled together a team of experts with diverse talents to address the needs of your business all in one shop as you step up to the next level.



Sonja Skvarla

Sonja Skvarla has more than a decade-long history of working with founders to bring their visions to life building strategy and systems that allow growth with efficiency.

After leading a family foundation and gaining valuable experience in the corporate world, Sonja launched A Social Ignition teaching entrepreneurship to re-entering citizens. Sonja’s 15+ years of management in small- and medium-size businesses in diverse industries provides clients unique experience in what it takes to move an organization forward and how to fully engaging the value of front line, low-wage employees.

Sonja has spoken at national  conferences like STIA+, 2014, and regional workforce convenings on how businesses can engage a diverse workforce and still bring financial success to a community (ComCap, 2015). She has also been featured on several podcasts, national and local news coverage by Conscious Company, GeekWire, Portland Business Journal and others. She  is graduate of Drake University and has a MBA in Sustainable Business, Presidio Graduate School.



Michelle Gay

Michelle Gay is the owner of V.I.A.BLE Business Consulting. Her focus is helping businesses uncover their “why” and developing systems and processes to support it.  She works to incorporate elements into the business that are important to owners, and she teaches how to create an environment where everyone can thrive. She helps owners go inside and find internal drivers for their business instead of focusing on the external drivers that we tend to get caught up in. Together, these drivers create an environment of growth and opportunity for everyone involved.

Michelle has a talent for breaking things down in simple, easily understood language that makes the process accessible for everyone involved.



Eli Madrone

Eli Madrone, owner of Madrone Communication, believes in creating community through technology, and using strategy, social, humor, and design to do it.

Eli makes websites come to life, connects domains, creates emails, wrangles content management systems, finds business solutions, and optimizes sites to be found on the interwebs.

He has more than 15 years of experience with website design, digital strategy, social media, search engine optimization, newsletter management, content creation, communication strategies, project management, and website development.

Eli has a degree from Lewis and Clark College and lives and plays in Portland, Oregon. He has worked in the food service, arts, theater, nonprofit, tourism, medical, government, industrial, and technology startup industries. When not working, El can be found running after a toddler, eating too much good food, and hiking in the woods.



Clara Nissim

Clara Nissim is a cross disciplinary designer who grew up in France and trained in London and San Francisco before returning to Europe. Clara earned a Bachelor’s degree in design from Goldsmiths University of London. Her work centers on social impact and positive change. This included a pilot project addressing food waste and food poverty in the borough of Westminster, London with a social innovation start up.

She also curated a silent auction for a charity supporting education in Haiti. Most recently, Clara offered program leadership for Uplift, a global effort to end extreme poverty.



Alan Gaskill

Alan Gaskill is a video storyteller & teaching artist from Los Angeles. He helps artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners share the stories of their lives and work through compelling videos that create an emotional connection with their viewers.

As a video storytelling trainer for Seenfire, he has taught the art of 1-minute video storytelling from South Asia to the San Francisco Bay. His YouTube channel “AlanGaskillful” hosts original 1-minute video content about – but not limited to –
healthy adolescence in an imbalanced world, modern ancestor worship, drivers of human behavior, original musical performances, and riff s on the art of living.

Alan has a Bachelor’s in Theater from Northwestern University (2004), and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica (2014.) He speaks fluent Mandarin & Brazilian Portuguese.



Alison Wandschneider

Alison Wandschneider practices holistic business development using relationship building and problem solving as a bridge to make change. She builds and enacts strategy by learning from and connecting stakeholders to allow everyone to do what they do best.

Through her work in community economic development, ethical fashion, and philanthropy, she has mastered the ability to actively listen, ask important questions, and quickly learn industry best practices, important skills to effectively nurture relationships.

Above all Alison is tuned into the power that collaboration has to celebrate innovation and creativity. She speaks fluent Spanish which she used during her time in Guatemala connecting a local textile company to the US fashion industry. Prior to that she earned an MBA from Presidio Graduate School focusing on social justice and environmental sustainability.

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